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The Girl Behind The Camera.

My name is Elli Moehrman​, Elli without an “e” (; ….and yes that’s my full name.

I graduated from college with my degree in Digital Photography and have never been more excited for what’s next to come!

My goal is to be a full-time photographer! Right now I also work as the after school directer at my childhood school, I gotta pay the bills right?!

I love what I do, and I love making people happy. I find capturing a moment that might never happen again surreal. It’s an amazing thing to look at the back of my camera and say “Wow, I captured this moment!”

Recently I have been concentrating on fashion, couples and wedding photography.

Weddings have always been a favorite of mine because it’s non-stop action. I can never sit still, so being able to run around is the best! I get to work closely with the bride and be her shadow for the day. It’s almost as if I had back stage tickets for a concert or a special spot, behind the scenes for a movie! It’s so much fun and I love looking through the thousands of photos I have taken at the end of the day. No matter how much you spend on decorations, a dress, or even the cake…the photos are what last the longest. They document every little detail.

Some amazing words from Josie England about wedding photography: “Some food for thought today, guys : you can have a $20,000 wedding & hire a $500 photographer & your wedding will look like a $500 wedding. OR! You can have a $4000 wedding & hire a $4000 photographer & your wedding will look like a $20,000 wedding. I can not stress this enough — do not try to cut corners on your photography & (if you choose to have one) videography! Because when the day is all said & done, the decor you invested in will be gone, your wedding dress will be preserved, the tuxes will be returned, the flowers will die, the makeup will wipe away, but what you have for the rest of forever are images from one of the best days of your lives. Think about it, if you have a traditional wedding, this is the one time in you & your loves life that all of your loved ones are gathered in the same place. Or even if you elope — hire someone that understands the importance of capturing you two making a life long commitment to one another. Do not make hiring a photographer just another thing to mark off the check list — know that though it may be expensive, it will be worth every penny♥️ OH. PS. don’t try to haggle with a photographer either to try to make them drop their pricing. You aren’t at a flea market. We work our butts. off, have COUNTLESS expenses, & miss so much time with our friends & family — all because we LOVE what we do, but numerous things come into account when we set up our pricing. Okay, that’s all. Love y’all!”

Now couples are also very close to my heart. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and I die over the cheesy, mushy stuff. My intention is to make my couples feel so comfortable, that they forget I’m there all together. My new 2018 goal with couples, is less staging and more candids. I want to really capture those raw intimate moments. I want you to see the story I’m able to tell with one photo, and I want them to remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Fashion…lets be real for a second, EVERYBODY loves clothes. I myself probably change my clothes 3 times a day. HA!……..( Well I want you to check out my next blog post to see how I finally went out of my comfort zone and made my love for fashion become a reality!)


I love Jesus, I’m obsessed with coffee, adventures, elephants, books, traveling, laughing hysterically, messy buns, being active, spicy food, spending time with family, and, of course, you all know i love taking pictures!

I have a very handsome man in my life named AJ Kazmierczak. We have been together for three years and I wouldn’t trade our time together for a pot of gold.
​We are both entrepreneurs. He co-owns a coffee company called Jennings Java and I of course have my photography business. He’s a hard worker and supports me 100%.

I’m from the Columbus area, but I will travel wherever you would like to go! (Last September I had the opportunity to go to Australia and photograph 11 families that live there!)

AND the biggest news yet…I bought my very first house!! I’m still in the process of turning it into a home, and I’m so excited for it to come together. (Yes there will be a blog post about this too(; )

I can’t wait to meet more of you and get to capture amazing moments for you that will last a lifetime. Because we all know…”a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Like my page “Elli Jo Photography​” on Facebook and @ellijophotography on Instagram to see more of my work, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.